About Rossana Chiarelli
A former filmmaker, I trained as an film editor, scriptwriter and director and then worked in post-production for the tv and film industy for over 7 years before I had a life changing accident.  Yet this is only half a story even up until then, because I am also a teacher and an adventurer.  

I have worked in post production for various companies including National Geographic Channel, Endemol (of Big Brother), Elisabeth Murdoch, the producers of The Full Monty, and some great Italian directors such as Ermanno Olmi, Ferzan Ospetek and Sergio Castellitto, in multi award winning films.

I have always been, before it was politically correct, a multiculturalist.  As part of my journey of personal-development I have travelled, settled in Britain, learned its language and integrated into its culture. Graduating in English and Media Studies was a dream come true to me because I am born and bred Italian and as a childhood dream I wanted to ‘become’ English.

The trouble with that, though, was that I ended up living my own personal diaspora when I lost my points of reference as to who I really was. I did not identify in either culture nor did I feel completely sure what my main language was anymore. I did, however feel totally at ease when expressing myself in pictures and film editing became my main form of writing.

This deep sense of loss and void motivated a personal quest on issues of identity which I creatively explored through filmmaking. The resulting short X Isles, led to a series of showings, talks and the article Shooting From The Belly published in “Spinning Lifelines, Women’s Autobiographical Writing”. It was a healing personal journey that took me from a place of disempowerment to a space of inner freedom. 

Though X Isles was a labour of love that ended 12 years ago, it planted the seed for something that I articulated only after I discovered NLP  

From Reel to Real personal development creative programme leads you from emptiness to fullness via the blueprint of a script creation of yourself