Life is filled with potential that is truly unfathomable. Finally people are coming to see the enormous power it possesses. At least in the environment I inhabit I can say that there has been a shift in awareness in the last few years. That is why I stop writing anyone off. In particular, I have chosen to stop putting boundaries on people's potential and, whenever I still do it with regard to myself, I consciously observe when it happens and then let it pass. Because it is not enough to simply encourage others, as encouraging ourselves is crucially linked to the ability to do that to everyone else. 

In most cases, our so-called limitations are nothing more than our own decision to limit ourselves (see part 2 of the video below). Embracing Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism was one of the earliest steps I took in the direction toward this kind of awareness, and that remains firm at the centre of my life like a lighthouse. But I am happy to observe that other disciplines embrace the same values and indeed NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) enables anyone, regardless of religious views, to uncover the inner dynamics of perceptions, and the nature of our mind. 

This combination has worked very well for me along the journey of my life. My spiritual practice gives me an unequivocal depth along this path of human revolution, the process of self-mastering whereby a positive change in the inner life of an individual is reflected in the external environment - and ultimately in society itself. At the same time, other disciplines such as NLP and personal development, provide me with a range of complementary concepts and tools to explore, grasp and use for an even sharper personal empowerment.   

In either disciplines, the Buddhist path or the more general personal development, faith is the bottom line for transformation. For faith involves taking action and see proof in every day life.  Education is the key because, beyond doubt, each person has the power to make a difference.

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