The first month of 2010 has come and gone like a tornado in my life, full of freshness, snow and intensity. For me the new decade had already started with a subtle breeze in contrast with the somewhat heaviness of 2009.

In the words of Seth Godin, the oughts were a tough decade on a macro level, with front page news events that will give the textbooks plenty to write about in years to come. But on a micro level, the personal level, they were a decade filled with opportunity. The internet transformed our lives forever and opportunities were created - some took advantage of them, though not the majority. I would like to think that I took advantage of it, if at least in a small way. Perhaps dipping my toe in the web pool, just to see how far I could go with it. ...not very far, for my likings... but then again that was merely round 1.

I like to think that any event contains in itself the seed of both crisis and opportunity, especially on a micro level. This year just passed, the Year of the Ox, was a challenging one for me and yet it contained the seeds of future opportunities. I recall someone pondering on the metaphor of the ox that pulls the plough to break the ground in order to prepare the soil for a new sowing. How true that was for me!

Before I could move on to greater things I had to make some changes, refresh the ground, review my vision, face some challenges and let go of concepts that no longer served me. This experience has for me the greatest blessing and the most valuable in terms of growth and contribution.

Now I can really say I start afresh, with a new blog - this time on my name - where I can make my contribution and let the public know what I stand for and where my work ethics as a coach and filmmaker begin their journey.

On a macro level, with the emergence from the grassroots level of youthful leaders calling for change - also thanks to the web - we are entering a period of historic transformation and harmony. The world is looking for a united force of ordinary citizens who will be the linchpins for creating a better society.

On a micro level, this year for me is a brand new road of openness and sharing. I am life, I am a woman, an artist (or video sculptor, more precisely) and a personal development educator. What I do in my work I also do in life. I stand for awareness and being present, and wish to serve my fellow human beings in their journey toward awakening and empowerment. And if we can do it in a playful and creative way I can't think of a better way to advance!

I am dedicated to spreading trust and friendship throughout the world in every encounter. However small a contribution one human being can make, imagine if each of us did their best to create value in every single event of our lives! This world would be a much more peaceful place to live.

Nothing is more precious than peace. Nothing brings more happiness. Peace is the most basic starting point for the advancement of humankind. It begins inside each of us, by overcoming the inner conflicts over which we do have influence. 

I don't understand why communication is considered a soft skill. Language is power and speaking in an easily comprehensible way that reaches people and touches their hearts is a vital point for a successful dialogue and an important quality for leaders to have. 


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